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Metal Tech Engineering

Metal Tech Engineering Limited has a history of meeting precision engineering challenges since 1960, when the company manfactured close tolerance fuel injection componentry for local and export markets. By the 1970's, the Precision Engineering Workshop had expanded and was involved in manufacturing aircraft componenets, undercarriage sub-assemblies and close tolerance ammunition tooling contracts for the Australian Government Aircraft and Ammunition Factories.

Other work carried out over the years includes major projects for the NZ Dairy Group; RNZAF; Project KAHU; Aeromacchi Tooling; Skyhawk and Strikemaster upgrades; Iroquois maintenance; Electricorp Production; Generator upgrade components; governor mechanisms and componentry; tooling for PDL Industries; Fisher & Paykel (multi-station press tooling and machining features); Ford Motor Company and VANZ - machining fixtures and componentry.

Metal Tech Engineering Limited currently specialises in the supply of value added componentry to local and off shore manufacturers and suppliers.

Customers regularly serviced by Metal Tech Engineering Limited: Fisher & Paykel - Health Care; Fisher & Paykel - Appliances; Air NZ Engineering Services; Reyrolle Pacific Switchgear Ltd; Schenck RoTec GmbH; Buteline International; Pratt & Whitney V2500 Engine Plant CHC NZ; D.M.E. USA; D.M.E. CHINA; Pacific Aerospace Ltd; Eagle Airways; Hydro Systems KG and Alpha Aviation Ltd.